To inquire about Basil Tsiokos’ consulting services, which include assessment of documentary projects from treatment through fine cut stages, focused on assistance with character and story development, as well as festival guest programming/curating, please email him here.

One response to “Consulting

  1. Tarneem Lamloum

    Hello, I am a media student, i am making a documentary movie about the local amusement park in my country which serves the poor people. i am focusing that these parks aims for simplicity and happiness instead of Money
    My narrative curve:
    I will start with establish shots about the region ( for the sea, people).
    then i will move with a child saying ( I love it, it always make me happy,) it will mysterious as no one know what the child loves
    then i will use footage for the amusement park and the people
    then a worker will talk about the park which is targeting the poor people to be happy, i will make interviews with children and parents.
    then i will move to the workers as they will talk about their struggles, as they works only in seasons, they don’t want to raise the cost of the park because people are poor. ( using footage for empty park)
    then i will end with the worker saying that they are believing with god to help them
    My problems are that i make it as reportage not as a documentary
    second, i want to make the movie emotional, but i am shy to focus on that the park is for poor people, i am shy to let people say that.
    Thank You in advance <3

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