An Introduction

For a little over a year, I’ve been using Twitter as @1basil1, sending out information and advice that’s hopefully been useful and interesting for filmmakers, industry, and film fans. While I’ve focused on documentary, my interests in the medium aren’t strictly confined to that form of storytelling, though it’s one I tend to favor. Friends have been urging me for some time to start a website or blog where I could expand beyond Twitter’s 140-character limit, and this is the result.

I plan on posting here at least weekly, going into more depth on the kinds of topics I tweet about. This will include:

  • Dear Documentary Filmmakers: My advice to doc makers, inspired and informed by watching hundreds of new documentary features each year for various programming purposes
  • Film Festivals: Information on festivals to which filmmakers should consider submitting their work, submission deadlines, etc
  • Funding: Grant opportunities and deadlines
  • Film Releases: Recommendations on films coming to theatres/VOD/DVD
  • Project Spotlights: Profiles of promising and provocative new films in the works
  • Articles: Links to potentially helpful articles/posts that readers could benefit from

I also welcome suggestions on topics to cover and your comments in general. Thanks.

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