Workshop: Documentaries & Film Festivals

On Wednesday, October 6, I’ll be leading a workshop for Raindance New York as part of their five course Documentary Production Certificate, covering funding, legal contracts, post-production, festivals, and marketing/self-distribution.

As the title of this post suggests, I’m covering film festivals. While the workshop description says it’s “about how to get your documentary into festivals,” that’s slightly overstating it – ultimately, your work gets your film into a festival, not some secret tricks. Instead, I’ll be trying to impart advice that can help documentarians make better decisions about positioning their projects for consideration – from selecting the right and wrong fests to which to apply, to demystifying the programming process so that you know what to spend your time and resources on, and what not to. In addition, I’ll offer some practical information about how to get the most out of attending a festival in which your film is screening.

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