In Theatres & On VOD: 11/4/08

Coming to theatres around the US next Wednesday, October 20 for one night only & VOD on Thursday, October 21: 11/4/08

Part of IFC Films’ acquisitions team responsible for giving theatrical and VOD exposure for scores of indie and international filmmakers each year, Jeff Deutchman experienced the other side of distribution negotiations after his documentary debuted at this year’s SXSW. After successful screenings in Austin, the film has played additional higher profile fests and was picked up by Cinetic Film Buff, culminating in it’s nationwide release this week.

Described as a “participatory documentary,” 11/4/08 is actually one part of a larger plan to document the titular election day of President Barack Obama using an interactive, multiperspectival approach. Though Deutchman is the film’s director, he assembled footage shot on the same day by filmmakers all over the world, and he hasn’t stopped soliciting footage from anyone else who was recording the historic events, no matter what side of the political spectrum they happen to be on. Exploring the concept of actively engaging with the process of making and documenting history as it’s happening, the film captures 24 hours as people engage with the electoral process in various ways, from waiting to cast their ballots, to trying to get the vote out, to celebrating or ruing the outcome.

Note: The Film Society of Lincoln Center and Damon Dash are presenting a special screening of 11/4/08 on Thursday evening, followed by a Q&A and after party for ticket holders. More info here. Follow the first link above for a full list of screenings on Wednesday evening.

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