In Theatres: A SMALL ACT

Coming to theatres this Friday, October 29: A SMALL ACT

Jennifer Arnold’s inspirational doc premiered at Sundance, where it attracted the attention of Bill Gates and George Soros and began receiving pledges of support for the education charity spotlighted in the film to the tune of $300,000 and counting. HBO screened the film this summer, and it’s now coming to theatres for a limited run.

Simply and powerfully demonstrating the idea that a small act of charity can yield profound change for its recipient, Arnold’s film tells the story of Swedish Hilde Back and Kenyan Chris Mburu. Years ago, Hilde sponsored Chris, sending small amounts of money each month for his education in his rural village community – so small, she barely remembered it when she was contacted by the now-grown and successful Chris, a Harvard graduate and United Nations lawyer, who informed her that he had begun a scholarship program in her name. A SMALL ACT tells their story, as well as that of the top Kenyan students competing for the fund, as the impact of Hilde’s generosity reverberates through the decades to create hope for a new generation of students.

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