In the Works: HOW TO ACT BAD

As mentioned earlier this week, I’m going to try to write more often about documentaries currently in progress. Like MANHATTAN LULLABY, Dima Dubson’s HOW TO ACT BAD also has a Kickstarter campaign page – take a look. He’s aimed relatively high, trying to reach $20,000, and has about three weeks left to hit his target, so if you’re inclined to support the project, act soon.

I recently met with Dima to discuss his plans for his documentary, which follows bad boy musician Adam Green around his native New York, Los Angeles, and Europe. The film isn’t intended to be a musician-on-tour doc, however – instead, HOW TO ACT BAD seeks to provide a window into an artist’s creative process. Ideally, this will make the film work for viewers who have no idea who Green is (though more of a cult presence stateside, his star is on the rise in Europe, and particularly in Germany), mitigating the problem of many musician-focused docs that assume the audience will have the same knowledge of and fascination with the subject that the filmmaker has. With Green’s full participation, Dima has enviable, unfiltered access to his subject, which, judging from the trailer alone, is giving him a lot to work with in crafting this portrait. I’m very curious to see how the project ultimately takes shape.


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