Nancy Buirski, the Founder and initial Director of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, is at work on her directorial debut, LONG WAY HOME: THE LOVING STORY, a feature documentary on Richard and Mildred Loving, who were at the heart of the landmark 1967 Loving v Virginia Supreme Court case that led to the federal legalization of interracial marriage. She’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign with just two weeks to hit her target of $15,000, so if you’re interested in supporting it, consider making a donation soon to specifically support the licensing fees anticipated for the archival heavy project.

I’m especially intrigued by the archival cinema verité footage of the couple that Buirski describes on her Kickstarter page – with a project like this one that is likely at least known in broad strokes by the general public, having access not only to the subjects but to rich period footage can go a long way to creating a sense of immediacy and relevancy for a present-day audience. With the continued debate over same-sex marriage keeping a focus on legislation dictating when and where love between two consenting individuals is permitted, and who those individuals have to be, LONG WAY HOME also has the potential to influence current opinion by providing much-needed context about past attempts to legislate the institution of marriage. Keep an eye out for Buirski’s film on the festival circuit in 2011.

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