Top Ten List(s) of 2010

Just a quick pointer to indieWIRE‘s annual list of editorial and industry Top Ten Lists, which includes my own selections at the top of the second page. These kinds of lists are fairly arbitrary, I realize – in the ever-changing landscape of distribution, what counts as a film that’s been release, for example? The constraints here were feature-length films that received a theatrical release in the 2010 calendar year, so this doesn’t take into account films that premiered online without going the theatrical route, or films that have only screened at festivals. As a programmer who sees a huge volume of films each year, the problem is compounded – some of the titles on my 2010 list were films I saw in 2009 during programming or at festivals, while films that I absolutely loved that I saw this year will have to wait to potentially make the 2011 list – if they get a theatrical, that is.

In any case, despite these issues, I wholly recommend checking out any and all of the films that made my Top Ten(s). Check out the article and lists here.

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