Special Screening: FAST, CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL

Coming to NYC’s Stranger Than Fiction next Tuesday, February 15: FAST, CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL

Errol Morris’ portrait of four unique (and obsessive) men had its premiere at Toronto in 1997 and was acclaimed by many critics as one of the best documentaries of the year.

In FAST, CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL, Morris turns his camera on a lion tamer, a mole rat expert, a topiary gardener, and a robotics designer, developing a complex examination into humanity itself by highlighting the commonalities among what appear on the surface to be wholly disparate subjects. The men’s fields reveal lessons about not only obsession, but also about the past and future of intelligence and inquiry, existence and discovery. It’s a truly remarkable and enjoyable film that’s best experienced vs described, and is as effective now as it was upon its release well over a decade ago.

STF hosts this special screening to honor its editor, frequent Morris collaborator Karen Schmeer, who was killed just over a year ago in a hit and run accident. The film will include a Q&A with Schmeer’s friends about her work and about the newly-established Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship.

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