True/False 2011: Brief Overview

On Thursday, I’m headed to Columbia, MO for True/False, a very well-programmed and fun documentary festival that runs through the weekend. I didn’t get much of a chance to see many films during the few days I was in Berlin last month, so I’m looking forward to diving into T/F’s lineup of 40 features, largely consisting of new work, Sundance and IDFA standouts, sneak previews, a few retrospectives, and five hush-hush secret screenings that I won’t be writing about – though I will say that a secret screening from last year’s edition was one of the more haunting, thought-provoking films I saw at T/F 2010, so these are good bets, and I will be trying to check out the ones I haven’t already seen.

I’m serving as a festival “ringleader,” helping with intros/Q&As for a number of films – in addition to a handful of titles I’ve seen before, I’ll be having my first look at other docs with the audience and jump into a Q&A with their directors immediately afterward. I’ll also be covering T/F for indieWIRE again, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on specific films as well as on the eclectic event as a whole – which adds new events like a masquerade-themed opening night reception and a s’mores-filled filmmaker campfire storytelling session alongside its traditional “March March” parade down the college town’s streets.

Among the titles I’m most eager to view are a couple that I’ve missed at previous festivals – LA BOCCA DEL LUPO, EL BULLI: COOKING IN PROGRESS – as well as new titles like AT THE EDGE OF RUSSIA, FAKE IT SO REAL, HABANA MUDA, HULA & NATAN, and SUBWAY PREACHER, and retros like THE BURGER AND THE KING.



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2 responses to “True/False 2011: Brief Overview

  1. I’m looking forward to your coverage of T/F 2011. It’s a fest I’ve been debating going to for 2 years now as it seems like a fairly intimate environment.

  2. I’d definitely encourage documentary filmmakers and fans to attend T/F – programming, atmosphere, and people are all draws.

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