As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m in the middle of teaching an undergraduate course at Pratt focused on film festivals to provide foundational information for my students to successfully mount their own festival near the end of the semester: the Wallabout Film Festival. This year’s festival, the third annual edition, will take place at BAM on Wednesday, April 20, and, as noted by its tagline “for students, by students,” will showcase student short films from Pratt and beyond.

The students have launched a Kickstarter campaign to supplement the meager budget the class has been allotted by the university, allowing the students to more fully realize their plans for Wallabout. With less than a month to go, they could use your help. I’d personally appreciate any contributions you are able to make and/or your assistance in spreading the word about this crowdfunding effort to anyone who potentially would be interested in supporting student filmmakers or student organizers.

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