In Theatres: KATI WITH AN I

Opening in NYC for an exclusive one-week run at the Maysles Cinema tomorrow, April 8: KATI WITH AN I

Robert Greene’s compelling and intimate look at a few days in a teenage girl’s life premiered at the last year’s True/False Film Festival and later screened at the inaugural DOC NYC. It went on to be very appropriately nominated as one of the Best Films Not Playing at a Theatre Near You in the 2010 Gotham Awards. I wrote about the film in my coverage of True/False for indieWIRE, saying:

In many ways both a universal and a singular portrait of an adolescent woman’s life, director Greene deftly reveals a handful of ordinary yet pivotal days at the end of his half-sister’s high school senior year. While on the surface, there doesn’t immediately appear to be much that distinguishes Kati from your typical teenager, that’s partially the point – she stands in as an everywoman, or everygirl, as she begins, naively at times, to make the transition from late childhood to early adulthood, not fully foreseeing the consequences of her decisions.

Join director Robert Greene for a Q&A after tomorrow’s screening, and producers Susan Bedusa, Douglas Tirola, and Sean Price Williams for a Q&A after the Monday, April 11 screening.

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