Coming to DVD this coming Tuesday, July 26: ON THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE

Stefanie Brockhaus and Andy Wolff’s film had its premiere in 2009 at DOK Leipzig, and went on to play numerous notable fests over the past couple of years, including SXSW, True/False, RIDM, Encounters South Africa, Camden, and DokFest Munich. It’s taken away awards at the latter two and other fests along the way. IndiePix is now releasing the title on DVD in the US.

The protagonists of Brockhaus and Wolff’s absorbing verité portrait are brothers Lucky and Bongani, two seemingly even-tempered young men who have grown up in the slums of Cape Town, picking up much needed street smarts to survive their often harsh, sometimes deadly, environment. That danger is quickly realized when both brothers are accused of a brutal murder and must spend time in jail until their supportive grandmother can arrange bail. While going through this life-changing ordeal, they also embark on another trial – a tribal ritual circumcision. Late in the film, details about their alleged crime are made known, potentially leading the audience to re-examine everything they’ve seen up until then. Documenting the various and unexpected facets of their experiences, the filmmakers create an intelligent and sympathetic study of two youths who have to balance tradition with modern influences and survival with the rule of law.

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