Special Screening: DAMN!

Coming to NYC’s reRun Gastropub Theatre for a one-night only screening this Thursday, July 28: DAMN!

Director Aaron Fischer Cohen makes his documentary feature debut with this surprisingly engaging behind-the-scenes profile of the eccentric New York State gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan. The film has screened at the Brooklyn and Little Rock Film Festivals, and will be coming to Manhattan for a week-long run and simultaneous DVD/VOD release next month.

The film chronicles the unexpected developments that bring McMillan’s 2010 bid for New York State Governor into the popular consciousness. Though he has sought office since the early 1990s, his “The Rent is Too Damn High Party” fails to get much traction until a clip of his scene-stealing speech at a televised debate becomes an overnight viral sensation. DAMN! follows what happens next, as McMillan assembles a team to help him ride his viral fame to a hopeful election upset. Fischer Cohen has amazing first-hand access to the price of YouTube infamy. Given McMillan’s signature haircut, shocking white beard, and unusual background – Vietnam vet, karate black belt, former stripper, and 1970s soul singer – he offers plenty of fodder to keep audiences engaged. But the film points out the fleeting nature of today’s fast paced news and entertainment cycle – even as the clock counts down to the election, McMillan tries desperately to extend his 15 minutes for as long as possible – and before the next viral video overshadows his own.

Note: Jimmy McMillan and the filmmakers will be present for the screening.

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