Talk: SundanceNOW’s DOC CLUB

For those of you inclined to tweet, I’ll be participating in a Twitter event this Thursday, May 10 from 9-10:30pm EST discussing SundanceNOW’s new DOC CLUB online subscription program, curated by the ubiquitous Thom Powers (Toronto, Miami, Montclair, DOC NYC, and Stranger Than Fiction programmer). Join Thom, representatives from True/False and The Playlist, and me as we discuss documentary filmmaking, programming, and audiences, and Thom’s initial selections for the DOC CLUB. Some lucky participants will be awarded free DOC CLUB subscriptions at random times during the conversation. If you can’t make it, feel free to submit questions via Twitter – just use the #SundanceNOW hashtag and my Twitter handle: @1basil1.



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3 responses to “Talk: SundanceNOW’s DOC CLUB

  1. Jason Perdue

    The conversation will take place on Twitter?

  2. Jason Perdue

    Excellent. See you there.

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