Premiere Brazil! 2012: Documentary Overview

Celebrating its 10th edition, MoMA’s annual showcase of Brazilian cinema in collaboration with the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Premiere Brazil!, begins next Thursday, July 12 and runs through Tuesday, July 24. More than a dozen films will screen, including a restored print of 1972 classic drama SÃO BERNARDO; a special panel on “Film and Social Change” focused on the favelas; and a special opening night Brazilian music event tied into MoMA Nights summer music series.

The lineup includes four new documentaries: Wagner Novais, Rodrigo Felha, Luciano Vidigal, and Cadu Barcellos’ PEACE IN RIO (5 x PACIFICAÇÃO), a multiperspectival investigation into Rio’s controversial favela “pacification” policy, designed to clear the slums of the drug mafia; Wolney Oliveira’s THE LAST CANGACEIROS (OS ÚLTIMOS CANGACEIROS), in which a 95-year-old patriarch reveals to his unsuspecting family that his wife and he were long ago part of a notorious gang (pictured above); Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla’s LOOK AT ME AGAIN (OLHE PRA MIM DE NOVO), about Silvyo, born a woman, for a time a lesbian, and finally now a man, as he takes a road trip to locate relatives who might help him start a family with his wife; and Eduardo Coutinho’s SONGS (AS CANÇÕES), an exploration of the special connections and meanings songs have in people’s lives.

Time permitting, I hope to have a chance to watch these and post a round-up later this month.


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