In the Works: THIS IS CONGO

An inside look at the complex forces behind the Democratic Republic of Congo’s ongoing conflicts.

this is congoThe history of the DRC has been synonymous with conflict. The country is among the poorest – its wealth of natural resources benefitting not its people, but shady middlemen, corrupt politicians, multinational electronics corporations, and, ultimately, end users in the developed world. The vast majority of Congolese instead suffer through perpetual war, with their women raped and their children forced into combat. Director Daniel McCabe tells the stories of several Congolese on various sides of the conflicts, demonstrating the connections between instability and violence in the region and the market in illegally mined natural resources.

McCabe and producer Geoff McLean are just over a week away from the end of a Kickstarter campaign for ongoing production funding. Having raised 20% of their $30,000 goal, they would welcome any additional supporters. Those interested in keeping updated on the project can visit its website.

McCabe’s past work has explored issues ranging from Honduran gang violence and Kenyan tribal conflict to HIV in South African slums. His current project brings much needed attention to a region of the world that is rarely the focus of Western media attention, despite a staggering 1,500 deaths a day, and to a complex issue that ultimately implicates anyone with a smart phone.

Note: This post has been updated since its initial publication. This project’s Daniel McCabe is not the same person who directed GEORGE WALLACE: SETTIN’ THE WORLD ON FIRE, as was originally stated.

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