In Theatres: CHARGE

chargeComing to theatres via Cinedigm’s Docurama Festival initiative next Tuesday, May 21: CHARGE

Mark Neale’s chronicle of the trials and triumphs of developing zero emissions motorcycles seems to have largely bypassed film festivals, though it did win an award at Vegas Independent in 2011. The film is part of Cinedigm’s new seven-film program bringing feature documentaries to theatres weekly in up to fifteen US markets, including NYC, LA, Pasadena, Encino, San Diego, Palm Desert, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Hartford, New Haven, Ithaca, Richmond, and Helena. The films are also available for additional theatrical-on-demand screenings via Tugg. In NYC, Cinema Village will screen the doc next Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Narrated by racing fan Ewan McGregor, Neale’s film focuses on the world’s first zero-emissions motorcycle grand prix, held in the Summer of 2009 on the Isle of Man, home of the most legendary and difficult course in the sport. With practice courses and other prep for the annual regular race already taxing the Isle’s infrastructure, and the patience of its residents, the decision to devote even more time to an unorthodox electric vehicle version is met with skepticism if not downright resistance. Neale follows several teams in the lead-up to the race, out to prove the viability of an electric motorcycle that can complete the challenging course on one charge with the same thrill as their fossil-fueled kin. At the center of this international assemblage are the cocky US team, MotoCzysz, who have sunk $350,000 into their bike, and Team Agni, which taps into the genius of Cedric Lynch, an eccentric pioneer whose innovative motor design is used in several of the competitors’ vehicles. Mechanically minded viewers would likely find more to appreciate in numerous garage and workshop scenes as engineers work out kinks and discuss torque and whatnot, but even those with zero interest in racing will find the film engaging. Neale is able to generate genuine tension about whether the teams will successfully finish their designs, make it to the race, and even finish – both at the inaugural event in 2009 and at the follow up in 2010 – and the green theme at its core should draw an unlikely but appreciative additional audience.

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