2013 DOC NYC in Focus: Doc-A-Thon Day 3 – Fund Your Doc

temp doc nyc coverDay Three of DOC NYC‘s Doc-A-Thon provides an overview of the ever-changing landscape of documentary funding and what that means for your creative control. All of these sessions take place at the IFC Center next Wednesday, November 20:

Fund Your Doc Panel Descriptions:

Citizen-Koch-Key-Image-Courtesy-Matt-Wisniewski-580x300Lessons in Crowdfunding:

Would you like to raise over $100K for your crowd-funding campaign? Filmmakers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal (CITIZEN KOCH), and Sara Nodjoumi and Till Schauder (THE IRAN JOB) discuss how they made it happen on Kickstarter. Moderated by Eric Hynes.

TapIntoTVTap Into TV:

Television helps documentary filmmakers extend their audience and increase their budgets. Join Molly Thompson (A&E IndieFilms), Vinnie Malhotra (CNN Films), Sara Bernstein (HBO Documentaries), Julie Anderson (WNET), Diana Elosta (AL JAZEERA AMERICA PRESENTS) and Lucy Kennedy (FAULT LINES on Al Jazeera America) to discuss their involvement in documentary acquisitions. Moderated by Doug Block (THE KIDS GROW UP).

nursery-university2Get Funded & Stay in Control:

Filmmakers need to be watchful over signing contracts in a changing marketplace of digital platforms and new possibilities. Attorney Marc Simon takes a special interest in documentary in his law practice and also as a filmmaker (NURSERY UNIVERSITY, UNRAVELED). Join Simon and panelists Marc Schiller (CEO & Founder, Bond Strategy), attorney Andrea Cannistraci, and filmmaker Gary Hustwit (HELVETICA). Moderated by Marc Simon.

TMS_cover_hiresamazon-580x300Advice from the Experts:

Based on the book TELL ME SOMETHING by Jessica Edwards, documentary film experts share their advice and tales of numerous film experiences. Panelists include: Doug Block (112 WEDDINGS), Amir Bar-Lev (THE TILLMAN STORY), Marshall Curry (IF A TREE FALLS), Liz Garbus (BEFORE THE SPRING, AFTER THE FALL), and Shola Lynch (FREE ANGELA). Moderated by the author Jessica Edwards.

Why You Should Attend:
It’s important to view your filmmaking not only as creative expression, but also as a profession. Who you get in bed with financially and contractually to bring your artistic vision to life is of extreme importance, and can mean the difference between your work being seen or not. Learn what (not) to do from the various sides – fellow filmmakers, attorneys, and industries – in these special sessions.

More Info:
To purchase tickets, follow the links from the panel pages by clicking on the individual titles above, or consider purchasing a DOC NYC Insider Pass, which grants access to all weekday films, panels, and events up through 5pm.

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