virginityComing to Fusion‘s DocuMental series tomorrow, Saturday, February 8: HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY

Therese Shechter’s exploration of the elusive concept of purity made its festival premiere last Fall at Jihlava. It went on to screen at DOC NYC, Cucalorus, and the St John’s International Women’s fest, among others.

I previously wrote about the doc during its crowdfunding campaign here, and for the DOC NYC program guide, saying:
In a culture that has overwhelmingly embraced the dictum “sex sells,” why does the concept of virginity still hold sway? Using her own experiences, filmmaker Therese Shechter humorously explores the chimerical nature of the idea, and how it’s been used to control women’s sexuality and sense of self-worth. The result, drawing from the expertise of vintage sex-ed films, abstinence advocates, and sex educators alike, is a surprising look at virginity’s influence, from purity pledges to porn sub-genres.

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