The filmmakers behind THESE AMAZING SHADOWS explore the voice actors who dub the Hollywood superstar internationally.

being georgeIn the global business of Hollywood moviemaking, a film’s international box office is key to its overall success. In most markets, audiences disdain subtitles, preferring to instead watch films dubbed into their own language. The result is the creation of a curious kind of invisible, yet audible, local star – the regular dubbing actor who serves as the comforting, native voice of famed celebrities in different countries around the world. Director Paul Mariano and producers Christine O’Malley and Kurt Norton – the filmmakers behind THESE AMAZING SHADOWS – another inside look at and celebration of filmmaking – and the rest of their team go behind the scenes and into the dubbing studios of the international film marketplace to explore the work and lives of several local actors familiar to their fellow countrymen as the voices of George Clooney.

With just over two weeks left in his Kickstarter campaign, director Mariano has raised just under half of his $90,000 goal for production funding. For more information on the project, including a mailing list signup, visit the film’s website.

While some films about filmmaking can be far too insider, of interest to only a narrow subset of viewers, Mariano’s new project shows the promise of appealing to a wide audience – from filmmakers and film industry to a general public curious about how American films resonate with audiences around the world. Placing the focus on the dubbing around one well-known actor’s body of work seems like a wise way to explore the processes and consequences of audio dubbing in a manageable way, while also offering an immediately familiar reference point to directly explore crosscultural differences and what it means to be a very specific, but background, kind of celebrity.

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2 responses to “In the Works: BEING GEORGE CLOONEY

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts about our film. I hope that your audience agrees…and helps with our Kickstarter campaign. It’s going to be a fun and exciting project.

  2. Randi

    I saw their trailer and it was freaky and fascinating to see George Clooney with another voice. I hope that George is in this film.

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