adjust-your-tracking-1Coming to DVD today, Tuesday, June 17: ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR

Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic’s survey of VHS fanatics made its debut last year at Los Angeles’ Days of the Dead convention. Since then, it’s screened at a variety of fan conventions, college campuses, one-off events, and fests around the US and beyond, including Sydney Underground, Albuquerque’s Dark Matters, and New Orleans’ Chalmette Movies.

This ode to obsession and nostalgia shares much in common with REWIND THIS!, Josh Johnson’s similarly themed, yet more expansive, exploration of present-day VHS lovers. Where the slicker latter film offers often interesting history and analysis, Kinem and Peretic’s film is more deliberately rough around the edges, visually approximating the degraded look of the format that their subjects effusively praise, and tends to place its focus more squarely on these collectors and their love/mania for collecting what others view as obsolete junk. Utilizing an unfussy talking heads survey approach, peppered with clips from several only-available-on-VHS dubious “classics,” and occasional collector profiles, the film successfully conveys unapologetic film geekery, as interviewees discuss their collections, how they organize their prized possessions (by tape size? genre? alphabetically?), and the excitement they experience when on the hunt for new acquisitions – even if it’s against the sad backdrop of shuttering video stores. Arguments about the collectors’ role in preserving film culture go a bit too far, as virtually every movie noted is low-budget, forgettable, and looks downright bad, so the fact that they haven’t been released on DVD/Blu-Ray is hardly a surprise and largely forgiveable. More compelling is that these men (and one lone woman) simply find pleasure in this hobby, and community in the subculture of which they’re a part.

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