Next Goal WinsComing to DVD today, Tuesday, July 22: NEXT GOAL WINS

Mike Brett and Steve Jamison’s uplifting chronicle of the worst soccer team in the world debuted at Tribeca this Spring. It’s gone on to screen at Sydney, Sedona, Bermuda Docs, San Diego Latino, and various soccer-focused film events.

When the nondescript American Samoa soccer team lost to Australia by a devastating score of 31-0, they received the ignominious distinction of ranking lowest of all teams attempting to qualify for the World Cup in 2001. Over the next decade, the team continues its losing streak, never winning an official match – until non-nonsense Dutch coach Thomas Rongen arrives to prepare the ragtag team for the 2014 qualifier. Brett and Jamison follow the former award-winning coach as he gets his men – and one refreshingly embraced fa’afaine third gender player – into shape with discipline. Far more than a simple sports doc, this is an engaging underdog story, as the team seeks redemption on the world stage, even luring their losingest goalie back from Seattle to exorcise those 31 goals. Beyond this, the film also functions as a portrait of American Samoa in microcosm, from reflections on the lack of economic opportunities, leading many youth to enlist in the US military, to its status as an American territory, and how soccer serves as a way for the amateur players to represent pride in their culture internationally.

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