Advanced_Style_1Already in theatres and coming to VOD tomorrow, Tuesday, October 7: ADVANCED STYLE

Lina Plioplyte’s exploration of aging in style debuted at Hot Docs this Spring. It went on to screen at Montclair, Melbourne, Milwaukee, Calgary, Vancouver, and Atlantic, among others. The film opened in NYC theatres last month, and has expanded since. It now comes to iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and other VOD platforms.

Adapted from Ari Seth Cohen’s eponymous blog, Plioplyte’s infectious film is a celebration of fashion-conscious NYC women of a certain age. Focusing on seven stylish older ladies whose elaborate wardrobe assuredly does not consist of the simple housedresses one typically associates with grandmothers, Plioplyte’s portrait is simple but effective, and very pleasurable. As evidenced by their usual garb, these seniors aren’t afraid to be the center of attention, offering a refreshing instance of putting older women in the spotlight – not to be pitied for their lost looks, but to serve instead as an inspiration that life – and beauty – doesn’t end at middle age. As is often the case with films tackling a large number of subjects, there’s a certain slightness to the approach – the audience only gets a surface exposure to the ladies – but they’ll have fun with it.

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