everythreeseconds_flat1-1412144073Coming to DVD today, Thursday, October 16: EVERY THREE SECONDS

Daniel Karslake’s look at practical solutions to poverty made its debut at Orlando’s Global Peace Film Festival last month. Community, university, and museum screenings have followed and the film will be screening at the New Orleans Film Festival, which begins today.

Named after the statistical incidence of death due to extreme poverty, and timed to be released today, World Food Day, Karslake’s film profiles five inspirational individuals who take their concerns about poverty and hunger and transform them into positive action. Senior Gloria organizes volunteers to glean unused crops from local farmers to provide fresh vegetables for a food bank. Pre-teen Charlie is motivated to raise funds for Haiti relief, only to unexpectedly have his campaign go viral. Ingrid, a Swedish woman living in Kenya, formed a microfinance bank to encourage street beggars to become green grocers. Lisa, a former beauty queen, becomes involves in efforts to address conflict in Congo and to help its victims. Medical student Josh develops an innovative program to use cellphones to provide better coordination between health workers in Malawi. As is clear by the diverse topics and locations covered by Karslake’s subjects, his film takes a sweeping survey approach to universal issues, interweaving the various threads to make the simple but necessary point that these individuals have not just acknowledged that poverty exists – they’ve actually set out to do something about it, even if their impact is on a relatively small scale. While the film is fairly conventional in approach, and could have used some trimming, its message is a worthwhile one.

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