2014 DOC NYC in Focus: LIFE + DEATH

1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-The-Registrars-main-still-copy-1160x652Today’s DOC NYC preview begins with the second of six shorts programs, thematically organized around beginnings and endings:


DOC NYC Shorts Program: LIFE + DEATH

Directors: Emily Lobsenz & Ann Husaini

An obsession with fermentation changes a man’s perception of mortality.

1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-Last-Stop-in-Santa-Rosa-Production-Still-3-copy-1160x652LAST STOP IN SANTA ROSA
Director: Elizabeth Lo

A hospice for dying animals explores the ethics of euthanasia.


1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-DSC00753-copy-1160x652ANDREW & WENDY
Director: Josh Aronson

Based on a very personal experience, a couple credits music with the power to save lives.


1201x782-Counting-the-Dead-prodstill-copy-1160x652COUNTING THE DEAD
Director: Catharine Axley

For 50 years, a woman tries to fully account for those who lost their lives in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Director: Jane McAllister
(pictured above)
A Scottish government office regularly deals with all life’s major milestones – recording births, officiating marriages, and registering deaths – in a single day.

Why You Should Attend:
This collection addresses big questions in small packages with nuance, wonder, and even a healthy dose of humor.

More Info:
To purchase tickets, click on the individual titles above, and follow links for ticketing; or check out the new options for Passes.

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