2014 DOC NYC in Focus: POINT + SHOOT

1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-Blake-Boyd-Photo-by-Blake-Boyd-old-billy-copy-1160x652Photography is at the center of the fifth of six DOC NYC shorts programs:


DOC NYC Shorts Program: POINT + SHOOT

Director: Bob Sacha

A collective of visually impaired New York photographers express their creativity.

1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-ON-BEAUTY-Rick-photographing-Jayne-copy-1160x652ON BEAUTY
Director: Joanna Rudnick

A former fashion photographer celebrates unconventionally beautiful subjects.

BECOMING BILLY NAME (pictured above)
Director: Alexa Karolinski

A profile of the reclusive man who documented Warhol’s Factory in photos for over a decade.

Director: Madeleine Pryor

Award-winning photojournalist Sebastiano regularly risks his life – and the stability of his relationship – in combat zones for weeks at a time.

Why You Should Attend:
Photography and photographers consistently have been popular subjects for documentarians, whether exploring artistic expression or revealing uncomfortable truths.

More Info:
To purchase tickets, click on the individual titles above, and follow links for ticketing; or check out the new options for Passes.

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