2015 Sundance Docs in Focus

ad_34504873_9f4e6961aeb34e6e_webThe Sundance Film Festival will hold its 31st edition between January 22 and February 1, introducing audiences to many of the newest crop of films that will be making their way to theatres throughout 2015. Since 2011, I’ve profiled the feature documentaries in the lineup in advance of the festival to provide information about the films and their filmmakers and to share my excitement in their upcoming premieres. I’ll begin with the first few titles in the US Documentary Competition this coming Monday, and continue film-by-film, section-by-section, to cover the nearly 50 nonfiction offerings before the festival opens.

As a Documentary Programming Associate for Sundance, I want to make sure to note that these profiles are not reviews – instead, they simply include select background, noting past Sundance projects where applicable, and reasons why readers should seek the films out, either in Park City during the festival or at other upcoming festivals, in theatres, TV/cable, or on DVD/VOD. For a sample, check out last year’s, which began here.

I’ve also prepared a new Twitter list to give readers a look at the festival through the eyes of the Sundance filmmaking class of 2015.

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