NO-EVIDENCE-OF-DISEASE-4Coming to the WORLD Channel’s Strength of Women series tonight, Wednesday March 4: NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE

Andrea Kalin’s look at a rock band’s efforts to spread awareness of cancer has been screening around the country via TUGG since 2013, and has appeared in events including the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, Awareness Film Festival, Cinequest, and Australia’s Big Picture Film Festival. The film screened nationwide and in Canada on February 4 in commemoration of World Cancer Day.

While most people are aware of breast cancer and its devastating impact, much less attention has been placed on the various forms of GYN cancer that claim the lives of thousands each year. The members of NED – which stands for No Evidence of Disease, a term for remission – do their part to change that, not only by performing benefit concerts and incorporating survivors into their shows, but notably through their day jobs: The six members of the band are gynecological oncologists, specialists in treating ovarian, cervical, labial, and uterine cancers. Kalin profiles each of the doctor bandmates, as well as several courageous patients, but the heart of her intimate and inspirational film is the solitary female physician, Joanie, NED’s compelling lead singer.

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