human experimentComing to theatres and to VOD today, Friday, April 17: THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT

Dana Nachman and Don Hardy’s investigation into the potential dangers we face from everyday chemical exposure debuted at Mill Valley in 2013. It went on to screen at IDFA, Big Sky, Cinequest, One World, Boulder, Cleveland, Nashville, Planete + Doc, and Washington DC’s Environmental fests, among others.

As suggested by its title, Nachman and Hardy’s film posits that all of us have been unwilling participants in a nasty scientific study over the past half century that essentially has consisted of releasing 80,000 chemicals into the American marketplace in pretty much every product you can think of, assuming these chemicals are safe, and sitting back while health problems increase, from breast cancer to infertility to autism. While the film takes on too much to be able to establish completely persuasive causality, where it is much more effective is in its consideration of the efforts of the chemical industry in lobbying against regulation and better safety testing. Though this lobby makes use of Big Tobacco’s playbook to deny blame or introduce skepticism – well covered in other recent docs like MERCHANTS OF DOUBT – Nachman and Hardy’s exploration offers compelling evidence that should make viewers take notice of the shortcomings of our present protections from potential harm.

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