1201x782-Yes-Men-TYMAR-still-03-Jason-Nicholas-1160x652Now available on VOD and coming to theatres this Friday, June 12: THE YES MEN ARE REVOLTING

Laura Nix and The Yes Men’s portrait of a life of prankster activism made its debut at Toronto last Fall. It went on to screen at DOC NYC, Berlin, CPH:DOX, Seattle, Movies That Matter, Human Rights Watch, !f Istanbul, DOXA, Documentary Edge, and Calgary Underground, among several others. The Orchard has made the doc available on VOD platforms beginning this week, in addition to select theatrical dates around the country.

The third of three films chronicling the often jaw-droppingly brazen actions of The Yes Men, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, a duo who have made it their life’s mission to call to task corporate and government interests that are rarely aligned with the public good. In the face of climate change denial, industrial accidents, or other malfeasance that has consequences for the ordinary citizen, The Yes Men stage publicity-generating interventions, typically involving hoodwinking the major media into believing that they themselves are corporate spokesmen finally willing to make mea culpas. Their latest film takes a more reflective approach, focused not only on the pair’s continuing concern about mankind’s disastrous impact on the environment, but also on the toll that a life of dedicated activism can take on their personal lives and relationships. The result is a welcome, humanizing look behind The Yes Men’s typically unflappable public personae.

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