Sarajevo 2015: Documentary Overview

imagesOpening this Friday, August 14, the Sarajevo Film Festival celebrates its 21st edition through Saturday, August 22, while also commemorating the 20th anniversary of the end of the Bosnian War in which it began. Just over 100 features will unspool during the proceedings, with approximately 40 documentaries among their number, including the following:

fogNearly half of these are in the running for the Documentary Competition, which includes Samir Mehanović’s THE FOG OF SREBRENICA (pictured), a reflection on the massacre which saw over 8000 Bosnians killed; Jasmila Žbanić’s ONE DAY IN SARAJEVO, which revisits the assassination that set off World War I; Mladen Mitrović’s CHASING A DREAM, about the return of the director to filmmaking after two decades; Tamás Almási’s TITITÁ, a portrait of a musically gifted Roma boy; and Metod Pevec’s HOME, a profile of a former railroad worker’s residence turned flophouse.

good night sarajevoAdditional nonfiction programming appears throughout the rest of the program, including in the national cinema showcase, BH Films, such as Edu Marin and Olivier Algora’s GOOD NIGHT SARAJEVO (pictured), about the announcer for Radio Sarajevo during the city’s long siege; Zdenko Jurilj’s HOSPITAL INCOGNITO, which uses the thirty-year construction of a Bosnian hospital to revisit the political history of the region; and Branko Lazić’s TO BE OR NOT TO BE, IVAN HITI, the story of a Croatian solider who disobeyed orders to burn a Serbian Orthodox church library during the war. Also of note is the commemorative sidebar, 1995-2015 Dealing with the Past, which features Georg Larsen and Kasper Vedsmand’s exploration of the UN’s role when the Bosnian War ceasefire broke, 15 MINUTES – THE DVOR MASSACRE; and Nedim Lončarević’s exploration of another wartime massacre, THE VOICES OF SREBRENICA.

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