cat showComing to VOD today, Tuesday, December 8: CAT SHOW

Donna Lipowitz’s affectionate profile of a woman and her feline companion’s travels debuted at the Netherland’s Docfeed fest earlier this year. it has also screened at AmDocs, Coventry, and the upcoming Together Disability fest in London later this month. FilmBuff now releases the doc across VOD platforms in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland.

Carly is a young Irish woman who lives in Oxford with her five Persian Himalayan cats. Blind since birth, she has found acceptance, community, and a decidedly competitive streak in the quirky world of cat shows. Lipowitz’s hourlong portrait follows Carly as she tries to rack up points for her cat Tango on the circuit, traveling around the UK, Ireland, and Europe in a quest to become a champion. While the film doesn’t quite take enough advantage of the over-the-top cat show personalities and environment to prove particularly memorable, and demonstrates fairly basic filmmaking, it is blessed with appealing subjects – Carly is very pleasant and Tango is really cute – making for a likeably diverting, if unremarkable, project.

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