1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-DIVIDE_IN_CONCORD_KEY_IMAGE_01-1160x652Coming to DVD tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15: DIVIDE IN CONCORD

Kris Kaczor’s look at local activism debuted at Hot Docs last year. It went on to screen at Nantucket, DOC NYC, Martha’s Vineyard, Traverse City, Portland, Planet in Focus, Big Sky, Cleveland, Princeton Environmental, Washington DC’s Environmental, UK Green, and Wild & Scenic, among others.

I previously wrote about the doc for Nantucket, saying:
The residents of Concord, Massachusetts take pride in their town’s role in the American Revolution and celebrate direct democracy at annual town meetings where all citizens may propose and vote on bylaws. Jean Hill knows the process well – for two years running, the feisty octogenarian, concerned about the environmental impact of our disposable culture, has unsuccessfully lobbied to ban the local sale of plastic bottled water. She’s giving her bylaw one last try, facing off against her nemesis, celebrity publicist turned pundit Adriana Cohen, who balks at having her freedom encroached upon. Kris Kaczor’s film is an engaging and humorous exploration of participatory democracy and the power of individuals to enact change.

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