havana motorComing to theatres and to VOD today, Friday, April 8: HAVANA MOTOR CLUB

Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt’s look at an underground car race in Cuba debuted at Tribeca last year. Screenings followed at New Orleans, Mill Valley, Milwaukee, Heartland, and Havana, among other events. In addition to a limited theatrical release, the doc also comes to iTunes.

Although the Cuban government long ago outlawed car racing as a dangerous and elitist activity, a scrappy group of enthusiasts have slyly defied official bans, holding underground drag races with their refitted vintage 1950s vehicles, a very visible, anachronistic reminder of the long-held sanctions that were still in place when Perlmutt began this project. The director identifies several subjects – perhaps one or two too many to allow for deeper individuation – who are hopeful about the possibility of participating in the first state-sanctioned race since 1959. When a Papal visit forces the race to be suspended for safety reasons, these men once again find their dreams stuck in limbo. Beyond its specific appeal to those already enamored with car culture, Perlmutt’s film offers broader audiences a unique look at Cuba and its relationship with the outside world, particularly its complicated connection to the US, through the dreams of its hopeful racers as they try to legitimize a beloved, long-illicit, activity.

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