EDOC 2016 Overview

logotipo_edoc15-azul-03Ecuador’s largest nonfiction event, EDOC – Encuentros del Otro Cine – celebrates its 15th edition starting today, Wednesday, May 18, with screenings through Sunday, May 29 in Quito, and through Thursday, June 2 in Guayaquil. This year’s lineup includes over 100 features and shorts, organized thematically, with some highlights noted below:

Mi-tía-Toty-1-660x320National nonfiction takes centerstage in the fest’s perennial How We Are Seen, How We See Ourselves sidebar, with select titles including: Fernando Mieles’ PERSISTENCE, about an artist and research scientists pursuing their own agendas in Antarctica; Alexandra Cuesta’s TERRITORY, an experimental meditation on real and imagined travel; and Leon Felipe Troya’s MY AUNT TOTY (pictured), in which the filmmaker explores aging and memory through a portrait of his once-famous actress aunt.

El-final-del-día-1-660x320Films exploring humanity’s relation to the environment are featured in The Earth On Which We Live, such as: Georg Tiller’s WHITE COAL, an examination of industrialization through coal concerns in Poland and Taiwan; Peter McPhee’s THE END OF THE DAY (pictured), which frames the supposed end of the world in 2012 through the example of a Chilean community destroyed by industrial pollution; and Lorena Best Urday and Robinson Diaz Sifuentes’ A TAKE OFF, about the impact of development on a rural Peruvian community in the path of a planned airport expansion.

El-padre-1-660x320Argentine cinema is celebrated in Long Live Argentina!, with work such as Mariana Arruti’s THE FATHER (pictured), a personal investigation with family secrets; and Virginia Croatto’s THE NURSERY, which tells the story of a kindergarten created for the children of political dissidents who had been disappeared or killed.

Between-Fences-1-660x320Among the event’s other sections are World Panorama, with titles like Alexander Hick’s ATL TLACHINOLLI, which looks at the struggle for survival on the streets of Mexico City; Exchanges and Meetings, which features Mariana Viñoles’ CAROLINA’S WORLD, a portrait of a young woman with Down syndrome; and Seeking Shelter, which includes Avi Mograbi’s BETWEEN FENCES (pictured), about a theatre group in an Israeli detention center for Eritrean and Sudanese refugees.

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