In Theatres: CAN WE TAKE A JOKE?

CANWETAKEAJOKE-KEYComing to theatres this Friday, July 29: CAN WE TAKE A JOKE?

Ted Balaker’s look at the impact of outrage culture on comedy had its world premiere at DOC NYC last year. Screenings followed at Anthem, RiverRun, and Sarasota, among other events.

I previously wrote about the film for DOC NYC’s program, saying:
In the age of social media, outrage has become commonplace. While individuals have always found something to be offended by, their ability to organize a groundswell of opposition to – and public censure of – their offender has never been more powerful. Balaker’s timely film offers a thought-provoking and wry exploration of outrage culture through the lens of stand-up comedy, with notables like Gilbert Gottfried, Lisa Lampanelli, and Adam Carolla detailing its stifling impact on everyone’s free speech and the exchange of ideas.

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