enter_the_faun-harvey-wang_no_idComing to DVD and VOD today, Tuesday, September 13: ENTER THE FAUN

Tamar Rogoff and Daisy Wright’s chronicle of a collision of dance and disability had its premiere at Sarasota last year. Other screenings included Film Columbia, Margaret Mead, Dance on Camera, Salem, and ReelAbilities.

After seeing him perform Shakespeare, Rogoff, a choreographer, approached Gregg Mozgala, an actor with cerebral palsy, to collaborate on a dance piece. As they worked together to prepare him for dancing, a surprising, seemingly unprecedented transformation took place: Through Rogoff’s body alignment coaching, Mozgala found a sense of balance and mobility that he had never had before, despite years of physical therapy and professional medical treatment. Co-directors Rogoff and Wright capture this change over a year’s time, following Mozgala’s more and more confident rehearsals in the lead-up to the performance. While there’s undeniable power to Rogoff and Mozgala’s unexpected achievements, the film itself is otherwise on the unfortunately rough-hewn side. Documenting a performance that took place in 2009, the project feels underdeveloped, and could have benefited from more recent updates on the longterm impact of this experience on Mozgala.

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