siliconComing to theatres and to VOD tomorrow, Friday, September 16: SILICON COWBOYS

Jason Cohen’s look at personal computing history made its bow at SXSW. Screenings followed at Nantucket, Montclair, SF Doc, and Sidewalk, among other events.

I previously wrote about the doc for Nantucket’s program, saying:
In the early 1980s, at the dawn of personal computing, three Houston mavericks dared to take on seemingly unstoppable industry leader IBM with a new company. Compaq saw a future in portability and compatibility – though in those early years, a portable computer was closer in size to a piece of luggage than to a briefcase. Through determination and a memorable marketing campaign featuring Monty Python’s John Cleese, Compaq became a success, at least for a time. Jason Cohen’s film is a nostalgic and entertaining David-and-Goliath tale about entrepreneurs whose revolutionary innovations helped pave the way for today’s modern digital world.


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