35 and singleComing to Pivot TV tomorrow, Saturday, October 8: 35 AND SINGLE

Paula Schargorodsky’s rumination on her love life debuted at Guadalajara. It has also screened at DocumentaMadrid and Atlanta.

The Argentine filmmaker expands her short film, featured as an Op-Doc on The New York Times, into a feature-length examination of her inability to stay in a relationship longer than two years. While her friends have all gotten married, and her mother wants to set her up with a nice Jewish boy, Schargorodsky instead traverses Argentina and Europe to reconnect with various exes in the hopes of trying to understand her perpetual singledom, filling the viewer in along the way about her bohemian lifestyle via excessive and cutesy narration. She has generally pleasant but unsurprising, non-revelatory reunions, doesn’t come to any real conclusions, but makes peace with her unconventional life – and in the process unfortunately creates a forgettable, self-indulgent project.


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