DocsMX 2016 Overview

banerAs it enters its second decade, DocsDF, the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City takes on a new name, DocsMX, reflecting a broader view that encompasses the country beyond its capital. The event, which launches tomorrow, Thursday, October 13, will present more than 90 films at its 11th edition through its wrap on Saturday, October 22. Highlights from its programming follow:

bathMexico Debut spotlights emerging Mexican doc makers, including: Pablo Narezo’s ALMOST PARADISE, a personal reflection on violence in the country; Claudia Lopez Garcia and George Reyes’ THE UGLY DOLL, a portrait of a community of older sex workers; Dalia R Reyes’ BATH OF LIFE (pictured), on Mexico City’s public baths; and Pepe García Gutiérrez’s I PROMISE NEVER TO RETURN, a personal chronicle of depression and heartache.

200916_0005_ame_fight_for_peaceOur America offers a look at Latin America, with: Mark Macarro Sender’s SONGS AND CHRONICLES OF A FORGOTTEN NEIGHBORHOOD, on life in a Nicaraguan slum; Izabel Acevedo’s THE GOOD CHRISTIAN, which reckons with Guatemala’s military dictatorship; and Joost van der Valk and Mags Gavan’s FIGHTING FOR PEACE (pictured), about a Brazilian nonprofit that keeps at-risk youth off the streets through boxing.

octoberPortraits puts the spotlight on indelible subjects, including: Martin Kollár’s OCTOBER 5TH (pictured), about the filmmaker’s fugitive brother; Simone Manetti’s GOODBYE DARLING, I’M OFF TO FIGHT, a profile of a model turned Thai boxer; and Niccolò Bruna’s LITTLE WHITE LIES, about a woman who helps Cubans travel to the US.

200916_0023_fhs_loro-di-napoliAdditional sections include: Cinepoème, which features Pedro Magano’s BROTHERS, about a men’s pilgrimage in the Azores; current affairs strand Breaking Docs, with Tarwuin Ramsay’s FREE SPEECH FEAR FREE, on the freedom of expression; sports doc section Faster, Higher, Stronger, which includes Pierfrancesco Li Donni’s AFRO-NAPOLI UNITED (pictured), about undocumented migrants on a Neapolitan soccer team; social change-focused Another World Is Possible, with Cyril Tuschi’s DIGITAL DISSIDENTS, on cyber privacy activists; the Doctubre sections, which offer Pablo de la Chica’s THE OTHER KIDS, about a Ugandan boy’s soccer aspirations and Federika Odriozola’s CANNABIS IN URUGUAY, which looks at how the country became the first to regulate the drug; and Docuthriller, which offers Pablo Chehebar and Nicolas Iacouzzi’s CRAZY CHE, about a Cold War double agent; and Marcus Vetter and Karin Steinberger’s THE PROMISE, on the competing narratives behind a brutal 1980s double homicide.


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