2016 DOC NYC in Focus: DOC NYC PRO – First-Time Doc Maker Day

PRO-1110x620In addition to an expansive offering of films, DOC NYC, also presents DOC NYC PRO, a concurrent panel and masterclass series intended for working documentarians. The first day of DOC NYC PRO programming, Thursday, November 10, First-Time Doc Maker Day, serves as a crash course for newcomers to nonfiction filmmaking.

First-Time Filmmaker Day

morning-manifesto-realMORNING MANIFESTO

WEINER directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg discuss how they navigated the creative, logistic and business hurdles on their breakthrough film about Anthony Weiner’s campaign scandal.

whats-your-story-realWHAT’S YOUR STORY?

It’s important to have a great story to tell, but you also need to know how to make it come to life. Martha Shane and Lana Wilson (AFTER TILLER), Amber Fares (SPEED SISTERS), and others discuss not only how to find a great story, but how to ensure that your film’s style matches the subject. Co-presented by SVA MFA Social Documentary Film.

funding-fundamentals-doc-realFUNDING FUNDAMENTALS

Once your story is ready to go, how do you move forward? It can be overwhelming to put together a budget, apply for grants and create a crowdfunding campaign. Hear from Firelight Media’s Loira Limbal, along with Sundance’s Kristin Feeley and Ford Foundation’s Andrew Catauro, who provide a road map for getting your film financed.

post-production-secrets-realPOST-PRODUCTION SECRETS

Post-production experts Joe Beirne, Ben Murray, and others advise on strategies. Co-presented by Techincolor-Postworks NY.

get-your-gear-reallGET YOUR GEAR

Getting the right equipment for your film is imperative. How and where can you find the best affordable and portable gear? Experts from Sony, along with filmmakers and others, evaluate the many options filmmakers have for choosing the gear that best suits their project.

Why You Should Attend:
DOC NYC PRO is designed to offer practical advice for filmmakers, and draws from the documentary world’s brightest talents and key industry to offer attendees valuable information and access. Plus, each day of programming kicks off with a Breakfast sponsored by Showtime Documentary Films and wraps with a Happy Hour, all located at DOC NYC’s PRO Lounge at the Chelsea Cinepolis.

More Info:
Individual tickets are not available for DOC NYC PRO. To attend, purchase one of the following Passes: All Access Pass, DOC NYC PRO Pass, or First-Time Doc Maker Day Pass.

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