2016 DOC NYC in Focus: Science Nonfiction

food_evolutionAnother new section takes the spotlight in today’s DOC NYC preview: Science Nonfiction explores the cutting edge worlds of science and technology.

Science Nonfiction

figh_for_spaceFIGHT FOR SPACE
Director: Paul Hildebrandt

An urgent call to re-awaken our sense of wonder and discovery through space exploration.

FOOD EVOLUTION (pictured above)
Director: Scott Hamilton Kennedy

Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, this controversial film explores the polarized debate surrounding GMOs.

how_to_build_atime_machineHOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE
Director: Jay Cheel

Time travel becomes a life-long obsession for two men.


machine-of-human-dreams-credit-sophia-inside-key-image-e1475871256254MACHINE OF HUMAN DREAMS
Director: Roy Cohen

A tech guru is on the cusp of realizing his lifelong dream of developing human-like artificial intelligence.

the_universityTHE UNIVERSITY
Director: Matt Rutherford

At Singularity University, today’s brightest minds dream up solutions for the world of the future.

Why You Should Attend:
As with all of our thematic sections, this new offering emerged organically from the pool of submissions, and presents viewers with compelling and accessible entry into topics that otherwise might be seen as intimidating or relegated to the sphere of fiction – from world-changing artificial intelligence and GMOs to time travel and space exploration..

More Info:
For full descriptions, a list of expected special guests, and to purchase tickets, click on the individual titles above, and follow links for ticketing, where still available. Or consider purchasing one of DOC NYC’s Pass options for access to a variety of programming.


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