2016 DOC NYC in Focus: True Crime

santoallaToday’s profile of DOC NYC‘s film program begins with a new thematic section: True Crime.

True Crime

beware_of_slendermanBEWARE THE SLENDERMAN
Director: Irene Taylor Brodsky

The case of a pair of 12-year-old Wisconsin girls who attempted to murder their friend to appease an Internet bogeyman.

the_man_who_saw_too_muchTHE MAN WHO SAW TOO MUCH
Director: Trisha Ziff

The compelling work of a crime-scene photographer speaks to our morbid fascination with death and accidents.

the-_promiseTHE PROMISE
Directors: Marcus Vetter & Karin Steinberger

A brutal double homicide reveals dark family secrets, selfless love, broken promises, and the limits of the American justice system.

SANTOALLA (pictured above)
Directors: Andrew Becker & Daniel Mehrer

In an all-but-abandoned Spanish village, neighbors become embroiled in a feud with dangerous consequences.

sour_grapesSOUR GRAPES
Directors: Jerry Rothwell & Reuben Atlas

The story behind one of the biggest controversies in the world of fine wine.

Director: Laura Paglin

The discovery of a serial killer operating in plain sight prompts questions about marginalized lives and criminal justice.

Why You Should Attend:
This new section was conceived partially in recognition of the resounding success of our world premiere preview of MAKING A MURDERER at last year’s festival, and allows audiences to explore some of the darker corners of nonfiction storytelling.

More Info:
For full descriptions, a list of expected special guests, and to purchase tickets, click on the individual titles above, and follow links for ticketing, where still available. Or consider purchasing one of DOC NYC’s Pass options for access to a variety of programming.


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