2016 DOC NYC in Focus: DOC NYC PRO – Mastering Your Craft Day 1 & 2

PRO-1110x620Over DOC NYC‘s weekend, on Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13, DOC NYC PRO offers two days focused on production and post-production, Mastering Your Craft Day 1 and Day 2.

Mastering Your Craft Day 1 & 2

whats-styleWHAT’S YOUR STYLE
Saturday, 10:00am

Documentaries take on many different styles to best fit their narratives. These styles range from observational to reflexive, allowing us to engage with characters in myriad ways. Filmmaker Gary Hustwit (URBANIZED) Judith Helfand (COOKED) and Thomas Lennon (SACRED) talk about style in their own work. Moderator: Carolyn Hepburn (Motto Pictures).

Saturday, 11:25am

Filmmakers Rachel Boynton (BIG MEN), Marshall Curry (POINT AND SHOOT) and Rohan Spong (WINTER AT WESTBETH) discuss the complex task of casting for nonfiction films. Case studies reveal how the filmmakers find the best subjects for their films and perfect their narrative with the characters they have. Moderator: Eddie Martinez (TO BE HEARD).

Saturday, 1:10pm

Emerging technologies are changing the ways documentary filmmakers can approach storytelling, but they can also seem daunting. Scenic’s Jessica Edwards, along with Adaora Udoji (Adjunct Professor, NYU) and others, talk about working with these new storytelling devices and what they represent for an evolving medium. Moderator: Debra Anderson (Datavized).

Saturday, 2:35pm

Documentary cinematographers shape the style and tone of a film; they know how to adapt at a moment’s notice, and incorporate current technology into their production. Award-winning filmmaker Kirsten Johnson (CAMERAPERSON) shares her tips, lessons and filmmaking tales during this special masterclass in a conversation with Filmmaker Magazine’s Scott Macaulay. Co-presented by Sony.

sony-premiere-docSONY PREMIERE
Saturday, 4:00pm

Sony Electronics unveils its latest technology at this special screening event. Sony’s new technology was developed by experts and based on feedback from professionals in the documentary field, and this event, created exclusively for DOC NYC, is not to be missed.

morning-manifesto-matthewMORNING MANIFESTO
Sunday, 10:00am

Veteran editor Matthew Hamachek (AMANDA KNOX, CARTEL LAND) takes us inside his process.

Sunday, 10:30am

Music and sound have become essential elements in nonfiction storytelling. How can you successfully utilize sound design in a documentary? Hear from composer Todd Griffin (LIFE, ANIMATED), filmmaker Mike Day (THE ISLANDS AND THE WHALES), and others as they present case studies of innovative collaborations.

Sunday, 12:00pm

In documentary filmmaking, archival footage can serve as evidence for arguments as well as elucidate the dialogue that exists between the past and the present. Filmmakers Sierra Pettengill (archivist, KATE PLAYS CHRISTINE) and Matt Wolf (TEENAGE), along with Rosemary Rotondi (TEENAGE) and others, share insights about using archival material effectively.

Sunday, 2:00pm

The craft of writing for documentary is a complex and advanced skill. When piecing together a story to include voiceover, images, and sound, strong, effective writing is key. Filmmakers Nanette Burstein (GRINGO: THE DANGEROUS LIFE OF JOHN MCAFEE), Charlie Siskel (AMERICAN ANARCHIST), Jared P Scott and Kelly Nyks (THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES), and others talk about their process and the unique challenges that come with the craft. Moderator: Fernanda Rossi.

Sunday, 3:30pm

What do documentary editors do when the pieces don’t fit? Award-winning editor Geof Bartz (LARRY KRAMER IN LOVE & ANGER) shares storytelling secrets through favorite scenes from his own work in a conversation with renowned editor Bob Eisenhardt (MERU).

Why You Should Attend:
These weekend DOC NYC PRO panels and masterclasses are designed to give doc filmmakers the inside knowledge to perfect their craft. In addition, a networking Breakfast is included both days, as well as a Happy Hour on Saturday and a Special Reception on Sunday, all located at DOC NYC’s PRO Lounge at the Chelsea Cinepolis.

More Info:
Individual tickets are not available for DOC NYC PRO. To attend, purchase one of the following Passes: All Access Pass, DOC NYC PRO Pass, or Mastering Your Craft Day 1 & 2 Passes.


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