allgovernmentslie_01Coming to theatres tomorrow, Friday, November 4: ALL GOVERNMENTS LIE: TRUTH, DECEPTION, AND THE SPIRIT OF I F STONE

Fred Peabody’s look at the courageous work of independent journalists made its world premiere at Toronto in September. It has also screened at Washington DC’s Double Exposure Investigative fest prior to its theatrical opening.

Though little known to the general public, journalist I F Stone worked tirelessly to expose political corruption, single-handedly publishing a small newsletter between 1953-1971 – decidedly outside of the mainstream media. Peabody’s film highlights his present-day heirs, investigative journalists continuing his legacy in their own pioneering work, regardless of the professional and personal risks. Tackling the erosion of personal freedom that has taken place since 9/11, as well as the corporatization of media, the likes of Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Laura Poitras, Carlos Frey, and Matt Taibbi are profiled as they try to go behind the surface and expose what’s really going on in the world. By its nature, the film takes more of a survey approach rather than an in-depth look at the reporters’ individual stories, but it clearly conveys the importance – and necessity – of their missions.


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