2016 DOC NYC in Focus: Fight the Power

mother_with_a_gunThis week’s DOC NYC preview comes to a close with our activist doc strand: Fight the Power

Fight the Power

AP Photo/Ernest K. Bennett)

AP Photo/Ernest K. Bennett

Directors: Frank Dawson & Abby Ginzberg

A revealing history of the battle for black and ethnic studies programs on college campuses.


bobby_sandsBOBBY SANDS: 66 DAYS
Director: Brendan J Byrne

The story of the Irish Republican Army hunger strike led by Bobby Sands to demand special recognition as political prisoners.

freedom_to_marryTHE FREEDOM TO MARRY
Director: Eddie Rosenstein

The architect of the same-sex marriage movement recalls the victories – and setbacks – that set the stage for the landmark Supreme Court decision.

the_house_on_coco_roadTHE HOUSE ON COCO ROAD
Director: Damani Baker

A young African-American activist seeks a haven for her family in Grenada, only to face an invasion by the US military.

magnificientburdenMAGNIFICENT BURDEN
Director: Rob Nelson

The socialite daughter of a nightlife impresario becomes a vocal activist after adopting a boy with a rare genetic disorder.

MOTHER WITH A GUN (pictured above)
Director: Jeff Daniels

The story of the Jewish Defense League and its current leader, an archetypal good Jewish girl turned extremist.

Why You Should Attend:
This popular returning section puts the spotlight on intrepid activists and their sometimes controversial causes, from the IRA’s Bobby Sands to Evan Wolfson’s fight for marriage equality to Shelley Rubin’s Jewish Defense League and more.

More Info:
For full descriptions, a list of expected special guests, and to purchase tickets, click on the individual titles above, and follow links for ticketing, where still available. Or consider purchasing one of DOC NYC’s Pass options for access to a variety of programming.


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