2016 DOC NYC in Focus: DOC NYC PRO – Documentary & Journalism Day

overview5DOC NYC PRO, DOC NYC‘s industry programming strand, continues on Tuesday, November 15, with Documentary & Journalism Day:

Documentary & Journalism Day

morning-manifesto-docMORNING MANIFESTO

Oscar®-winning director Laura Poitras (CITIZENFOUR) and journalist Henrik Moltke share their short, PROJECT X, and discuss their collaboration.

ethics-objectivity-docETHICS & OBJECTIVITY

Documentary filmmakers often grapple with divisive topics that challenge their ability to remain objective. Directors Ezra Edelman (OJ: MADE IN AMERICA), Dawn Porter (TRAPPED), and Brian Oakes (JIM: THE JAMES FOLEY STORY), along with HBO Documentary Films’ Jackie Glover, talk about the challenges filmmakers face to stay impartial and keep within ethical boundaries of filmmaking. Moderator: Leslie Fields-Cruz (NBPC/National Black Media).

courting-controversy-docCOURTING CONTROVERSY

Documentaries that center on controversial subjects have their own set of difficulties to address – stories themselves are often taboo, truth may be harder to expose, and audiences may be hoping for the unexpected. Directors Matthew Heineman (CARTEL LAND), Alexandria Bombach (FRAME BY FRAME), and producer Emre Izat (NALEDI: A BABY ELEPHANT’S TALE) discuss their experiences with tackling controversy in their work. Moderator: Eric Kohn (Indiewire). Co-presented by Vulcan Productions.


Documentary filmmakers are not as protected as professional journalists, and therefore need to address certain challenges differently. Filmmakers Lyric Cabral ((T)ERROR), Nancy Schwartzman (ROLL RED ROLL), Craig Atkinson (DO NOT RESIST), and Brenda Coughlin (RISK, CITIZENFOUR) present examples and discuss what doc makers need to do to protect themselves, their footage, and their sources. Moderator: Cady Borum Chattoo (Center for Media and Social Impact).


Paralleling the advancement in technology, documentary form is also expanding. While shorts have always played a role in the nonfiction landscape, filmmakers are finding new and exciting opportunities for short-form storytelling. The New York Times Op-Docs’ Kathleen Lingo, MTV’s Garth Bardsley, POV’s Emma Dessau, filmmaker Donal Mosher (PEACE IN THE VALLEY), and producer Shayla Harris speak about these new possibilities. Moderator: Edwin Martinez (Assistant Professor of Film at SUNY Purchase)

Why You Should Attend:
Explore the particular concerns facing documentary journalists when constructing their nonfiction projects in this full day of events. In addition, a networking Breakfast is included, as well as a Happy Hour, located at DOC NYC’s PRO Lounge at the Chelsea Cinepolis.

More Info:
Individual tickets are not available for DOC NYC PRO. To attend, purchase one of the following Passes: All Access Pass, DOC NYC PRO Pass, or Documentary & Journalism Day Pass.


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