weekend sailorComing to VOD today, Tuesday, January 10:

Bernardo Arsuaga

Bilbao’s SAIL in Festival 2016

Select Festivals:
Seattle, DocsMx, SF Ocean, Newport Beach, Guanajuato, Waimea Ocean Film Festival

The story of a Mexican yacht that was the underdog in a round the world race in the 1970s.

Arsuaga focuses on Ramon Carlín and the crew of his Sayula II as the Mexican team competes in the first competitive sailing race around the world, organized by the UK in 1973. Known today as the Volvo Ocean Race, the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race pitted several British yachts against other European entries helmed by professional yachtsmen. Into this mix came underdog supreme Carlín, a weekend sailor with no extensive sailing experience and no idea how to organize a crew for this kind of endeavor. He was made a laughingstock in the media but, as appealingly recounted here, ended up pulling off an upset victory after initially being thought lost at sea, and became national heroes for Mexico as a result. Gathering virtually the entire, familial crew, the film ends up drowning in anecdotes and excessive voice of God, television-style narration delivered by Simon Le Bon. More impressively used is the extensive footage shot on the ship during the circumnavigation, as well as during their time ashore between each leg, which provides a welcome sense of immersion for the viewer, in moments… until Le Bon’s voice unfortunately dispels it.

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