everybody-knows-elizabeth-murray-1400x767Coming to NYC’s Film Forum today, Wednesday, January 11: EVERYBODY KNOWS… ELIZABETH MURRAY

Kristi Zea

Tribeca 2016

Select Festivals:
Berkshire, FilmColumbia, Vermont, Santa Fe

An appreciation of the late American artist.

Known for her unusually shaped, fractured, and often humorous canvases, Murray was one of a few women artists to enjoy the same level of success afforded to her male contemporaries. Working in NYC since she moved from Chicago in the late 1960s, Murray became part of the burgeoning bohemian art scene, even as she balanced the demands of motherhood, and produced art through her death in 2007. Zea’s hourlong project serves as brief but effective primer to introduce audiences who may not be familiar with Murray’s work – even given the inclusion of her pieces in the permanent collections of major institutions like the Whitney, Guggenheim, and MoMA – while also offering an opportunity for reflection from the artist’s contemporaries and admirers, from longtime gallerist Paula Cooper to Roberta Smith and Chuck Close, particularly on the struggles to combat sexism within the art world.

Film Forum’s run of the hourlong portrait is accompanied by Alison Klayman’s half-hour doc short on 101-year-old artist Carmen Herrera, THE 100 YEARS SHOW.

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